Becoming a client

How do I know if I qualify?

Recipients of PAWS assistance must be:

  1. A resident of San Diego County
  2. Low income (less than $1,200 a month income) and
  3. Either age 60 or over, chronically ill or disabled

I think I qualify.  What next?

Please CALL the PAWS. office Monday-Friday between 10am and 2pm to reserve your place on the waiting list.  619-297-7297 or 1-866-348-7297.

We will then send you a postcard with a list of qualifying documents as well as information on spay/neuter clinics. Once you are on the waiting list, there is no need to call back. We will call you when we get ready to send your application to you.

**Due to limited resources, the wait list is currently closed.

We will need copies of:

  1. Proof of income
  2. Proof of age and/or San Diego residency
  3. Proof of illness or disability (usually from your doctor)

Once your name moves further up the list, we will call to verify where to send the application.  When we receive your completed application and verifying documents we will call you to set up a meeting time to come meet you and your companion animal.  That’s it!