Meet Ingrid, Lovebug, and Snickers


Ingrid PosterOne look at the bright, smiling face in this photo and it is hard to imagine that this same woman was in an accident that nearly took her life.

About 14 years ago, Ingrid was involved in a dirt bike accident that left her with several fractured vertebrae. Restricted to a hospital bed for nine, grueling months, Ingrid found herself relying on her two cats for emotional support. They lay by her side every day for those nine months, providing her the comfort and strength she needed to heal.

Fast forward 14 years and Ingrid is still the energetic and spirited woman she has always been. To her, the “disabled” label she has been given is just that: a label that doesn’t hold her back from living her life. She still enjoys hobbies like gardening and walks on the beach with friends. And on the days that she doesn’t feel up to going out, she spends time with her cats, Lovebug (pictured above) and Snickers.

Ingrid says that the feeling that her cats give her can be described in one word: calm. The significance of that feeling cannot be overemphasized, because even though Ingrid maintains an active lifestyle, she still finds herself in a great deal of pain from time to time. Lovebug and Snickers will not leave Ingrid’s side if they know she is having a tough day, which helps bring her back down to her normal, peaceful self.

Ingrid had been a client on the PAWS Pet Care and Vet Care Program for two years now. Each month she receives in-home delivery of food and supplies for her cats. When available, PAWS will send treats for the cats, which Ingrid exchanges for paw shakes in a game she calls “snacks for shakes.” Ingrid could not be more grateful for the services she receives for Lovebug and Snickers, noting fondly “I could never part with these guys.”

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